Bittersweet Symphony

You know that solo I auditioned for last week? Yeah, I didn’t get it. He chose the only guy who auditioned because he had a really nice, booming bass voice. I am not a bass. I’m not even a salmon. But hey I tried and will try again the next time I get the opportunity to audition for a solo. Our director was at least more up front about it this time and announced who he chose and then thanked the rest of us for auditioning.

I was upset, but not as upset as I was the first time I wasn’t picked for a solo. Thankfully the Cackler’s obnoxious level wasn’t cranked all the way up to 11 this time. She was pretty tame, aside from one moment when she threw her head all the way back and cackled about something our director said during practice.

During the day, a guy I know talked about how he turned to respond to someone on the street but the only thing that came out of his mouth was a burp. That story amused me more than it should’ve, but the image came back during choir and was exactly what I needed to cheer up. Unlike the Cackler, I tried to contain my laughter. So my shoulders were shaking and that got my friend’s attention, and so I told her the story and could barely finish before laughing again. I couldn’t even stop while we were singing somber songs from Handel’s “Messiah”. The story isn’t as funny today, but I thanked the guy for giving me a good laugh.


6 thoughts on “Bittersweet Symphony

  1. Yes, it does seem not too personal that you weren’t chosen…if he wanted a bass (or salmon hee hee!) he has to look elsewhere :-)
    It’s funny how little stories like that can make a difference in the day. I guess it goes to show that you really should share those embarrassing moments with others for their enjoyment!

  2. I’m really sorry that you didn’t get the solo, though, perhaps the Director was hoping for a male solo to begin with. I’m sure there will be other opportunities, and I’m sure if you keep auditioning you’ll get it.

    And if not, well, just remember Black Swan!

  3. Thanks Manuel!

    NoR: Oo, great word! Thank you!

    Churlita: That does make it sting less, yes! Because I’m confident that I auditioned well. He just had a different sound in mind.

    Laura B: Yeah, not a personal rejection at all. I am glad he gave people the chance to audition!

    Silver: Thank you, I think you’re right about having that guy in mind to begin with. The guy he picked was one of the few basses who could really sing low, and the song is “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen”.

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