Update on The Cackler

The Cackler has been in high spirits lately. Last week was bad. I was moody and she was hyper. Not a good combination. I didn’t knock her out, though, I just suffered internally.

Although choir practice was great for the most part this week, the Cackler still had her moments. She brought attention to something for the director that he had not noticed yet. She loved this and not only harped about it during Chamber practice, she also brought it up before regular practice. She even joked, “I’m brilliant!” No, Cackler, you are not.

Our director joked about something else during choir practice, and the Cackler was extra naggy and annoying about that too. The thing that keeps me from going balistic is imagining my blogging friends sitting with me and witnessing the Cackler in her full glory. Sometimes when I blog about her, I feel like I’m being overly picky and bitchy. If you could only listen to her during just one practice, you would understand. I know you already do understand, but to imagine your hearing her in person amuses me. :P


6 thoughts on “Update on The Cackler

  1. I never for one second think you are being picky or bitchy! I am always amazed by how you hold it together and don’t just punch her in the throat…or at least smack the back of her head :-)
    If I was sitting with you at choir it would be fun, because we’d exchange that look every time she opened her mouth! It would relieve a lot of the pressure…that look.

  2. I second Laura’s sentiments!

    You show great patience and strength in dealing with the Cackler! I have a gift for tuning out people like that–their mouths move but I don’t hear anything! It comes from years of practice of being in a big, loud family.

    But there are some days when I just want to tell loud annoying people like the Cackler to dial it down…just zip it!

    We enjoy hearing stories about her…it’s like we’re actually there!

  3. She sounds awful. You have every right to tell us about her on here. I’m sure it makes it easier to deal with her when you have to if you have somewhere to vent. That’s what we’re here for.

  4. Laura: It would relieve TONS of pressure if we were within eye-rolling distance of the Cackler!
    I think you’d all be able to spot her even I didn’t point her out.

    Eros: Dial it down. I like that!

    Churlita: It does make it easier, thank you!

  5. Manuel: I didn’t realize I hadn’t responded to your comment, sorry!

    Yeah, she does drive me insane at times. I think the director caught me giving her dirty looks one day. Don’t care, though. Surely he must want to smack her too. Or push the “mute” button. :)

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