First of all, my birthday was really nice. I love when my birthday lands on Fridays. Anyway, I received cards from coworkers and also a little gift set of a stuffed Teddy bear hugging a bottle of Halle Berry perfume. I love her perfume, so it was a great gift.

Also during that day, I received a delivery of beautiful, Spring flowers from my mom! It was such a nice surprise, and I was able to put them on display next to the reception desk.

I was minding my own business on Saturday. I treated myself to Arby’s for lunch, and then received a call from the apartment lobby. I thought maybe it was my mailman telling me I had a package, but it was actually a friend of mine who had moved out of state. She popped in for the weekend and wanted to go shopping with me! We went shopping for some clothes for her kids and then she treated me to Starbucks. Then we stopped by the huge Salvation Army store we have in town and we browsed around there too.

Sunday my mom and I went shopping again and she bought me a dress with a cute top and a pretty bracelet for my birthday. Then we met my brother and his family at Applebee’s for a tasty steak dinner. It was so nice. Oh and my brother and his family bought me scratch-n-win lottery tickets. I won 11 bucks!

Oh and during that day of shopping, I saw a tiara in a craft store and right then and there decided what I’d be for Halloween. I won’t tell you yet, it’s way too soon. It’s even too soon for me to even be thinking of a costume, but that’s the way my mind works.

Later the next week, the last day of March, actually, we had our Spring graduation ceremony for our students. The ceremony was a success! Not perfect, but no huge mistake kept the students from getting their diplomas. Yay!

Now I’m on vacation! I enjoyed Monday so much. I slept in until almost 11am, which I hardly ever, ever do anymore. Then I drank coffee until it was coming out of my eyes and watched the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”. Showtime was having a “free preview” promotion, so I caught lots of movies that way. Oh and I finally saw the movie “Up”. Loved it. I cried like a baby.

On Monday night I went to choir. We had a great practice. I was hoping our director wouldn’t forget that he wanted people to try for a solo after practice, and thankfully he remembered. I went up and auditioned for it. I did well, even got a few nice compliments! But there was a guy who auditioned who had a beautifully deep, bass voice. I think the director will choose him for the solo, because he wanted him to stick around. I’m not totally sure though, so we shall see!


6 thoughts on “Ketchup!

  1. That’s so cool how you got to visit with your friend and family on your birthday weekend and that your coworkers got you some swag!

    I enjoy hearing about your choir and what’s happening with them. I’m glad you got up there and auditioned for those solos!

  2. Sounds like a pretty perfect birthday weekend to me :-) Lots of cool stuff and getting to spend time with an old friend! By the way, wasn’t Up great?!?!

    Congratulations for feeling confident about your solo tryout. That really makes the experience worthwhile, whether you end up getting the part or not…although of course, I hope you do!

  3. Thanks Silver! I loved that she dropped by like that, and I was so glad that I was there. Usually I’m doing something with my mom on Saturdays! Great timing!

    Eros: I’m glad I had the confidence to try for that solo, whatever happens! I was more excited this time around than nervous!

    Laura: Thank you about the solo tryout! I told one of my brothers about it and he thought it would be better if a guy sang that solo. It would be nice to prove everyone wrong. If not, that’s okay too. Less anxiety for me during the concert!

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