Disk and Disc!

Today’s word for the Saturday Scavenger Shots game was chosen by AlienCG! The word he chose was “disk”, but Laura B. thought at first that he spelled the word as “disc”. Well that inspired another idea! Here are my photos:

Here is a photo of a part of my collection of Compact Discs or CDs. Aren’t they shiny?

Now “disc” reminded me of work. One of the things I do is help the Marketing department sort out phone numbers of people they can contact. I look up the “contacts” in our software program and find out if the number is good or not. Some of them have been disconnected. The last rep who tried to contact that person usually types out “disc”. So here’s a photo of my phone. It hasn’t been “disc”, it is in working order! Yay!


6 thoughts on “Disk and Disc!

  1. 3GirlKnight: You are an inspiration to your fellow bloggers! :D

    Laura: I’m glad you like the shine of my lovely CD collection! Oh and thanks for the heads-up on the tag! I have chosen a new word.

    Eros: I polish my CDs frequently.. Yeah, “disc” is more convenient than typing out “no longer in use”, isn’t it?

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