“Sometimes They Come Back”

Hey! So if you read my previous post, you already know that my mom’s cat went wandering yesterday. All day and all night. Search parties were sent out, treat bags were rattled to try to entice the little shi…er cherub out of hiding, but nothing worked.

My mom called me this morning before I headed to work and said that Joshua had returned. She was getting her morning coffee and the paper when she heard a few familiar “meows” outside the patio door. When she opened up the door, Joshua walked right past her and demanded his treat. How rude. My mom told me, “He didn’t even apologize.”

He must’ve found some shelter somewhere, because as much as it rained last night, he was only a little wet. Anyway, my mom and I are both relieved that he came back in one piece. He’s the same, crazy cat.

Here’s a photo of Joshua from awhile back. How does one stay mad while looking at that face? It’s not easy. He’s such a con artist.


10 thoughts on ““Sometimes They Come Back”

  1. Fantastic news! The prodigal son returns!

    Well, that’s a good way to start the morning, knowing he’s home and safe now. I bet he knows better than to wander off anymore now! No place like home, right Joshua?

  2. Cats are so … nonchalant about this sort of thing, aren’t they?

    There was a great news story over here a while back about a cat who used to get on the same bus every day, then wait on a street corner several miles away to be picked up by its owner. Or something like that. Either way: MADNESS.

  3. 3GirlKnight: He might have helped fertilize some grass and plants, but he is unable to “fertilize” anything else. :)

    3GirlKnight (Part II): Yup, I figured an SSS guide, like the one AlienCG had, would be helpful. Glad you like it!

    NoR: Thank you, we’re glad he’s okay too. My mind was making up scary scenarios when we couldn’t find him. So was my mom.

    Eros: Haha, yes, the prodigal son. Your comment made me laugh, thank you! He’s smart enough to stay away from the patio door at the moment, because my mom keeps giving him dirty looks. Lol. She can’t stay mad at him, though, and gave him some treats.

    Laura: I wouldn’t be surprised if he ventured out again; especially when the warm weather returns. He likes to go after chipmunks.

    Tim: That made me laugh too; I love the thought of a cat waiting patiently for a bus and then hopping on and off at particular stops. I doubt they pay their way, though. Freeloaders. :) When you mentioned that story, though, I wanted to look it up and found a few stories of cats catching busses! One of them would get off the bus at a particular fish & chips shop.

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