“Nothing left to do but run, run, run. Let’s run.”

Hey everyone! KenV from “By God’s Good Grace” chose the word, “run” for Saturday Scavenger Shots. I’m late, but here is my photo:

Resting from Running

Okay, so none of the people in this photo are running, but they were a few of my coworkers when I worked at McDonald’s. At one point or another while working there, we were each assigned to “run”, which was the task of running orders back and forth from the grill to the drive-thru window. I didn’t mind that job; it was better than working the cash register in drive-thru. Customers could be so rude back there. Anyway, it was easy for me to maintain a healthy weight back then because I was constantly on the run. I burned off anything I would eat on my lunch break!

Laura B. is the next chosen one for the Saturday Scavenger Shots word! Take it and run with it, Laura!


4 thoughts on ““Nothing left to do but run, run, run. Let’s run.”

  1. Thanks Ken! Yeah, I think some people get a big head about too much stuff. Some of the customers I have encountered acted like I should’ve fed the food to them.

    Laura B: Good! Can’t wait to see it!

    Manuel: I was actually okay, for the most part, preparing the food in the grill area. I just didn’t like the snarky customers. Thankfully they weren’t all jerks.

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