Her Asshat is on Too Tight

This past weekend was not as happy as I would’ve liked it to be, because there’s an ass hat who lives in my apartment building.

My mom and I were supposed to do a bit of shopping on Saturday, so I was heading out to pick her up. There was a note on my driver’s side window. Those can never be good, it’s not like I’ve ever found a love note or movie tickets that way. I took the note off but waited until I got in my car to open it up.

Apparently I was parked too close to the car next to me and she accused me of creating dents in her car. She said she reported a “hit and run” to the police and was also going to report it to my insurance company. This note was all typed up but not signed.

I had been parked by the same car all night. There weren’t any dents on her door or on mine, but I took photos of both cars just in case I was questioned. I simply do not plan on hitting cars when I get out of mine. Now that I have a new car, I’m extra cautious.

My brother read the note and figured it was just something that meant to scare me away from parking anywhere near that person’s car. He checked the inside of my driver’s side door for any dings, but didn’t find a scratch.

Well if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have been so freaked out. Angry, but not freaked out. I alerted my insurance company of what happened, but they hadn’t heard anything. They also told me to check with the local police to find out what they do in such cases. They checked and hadn’t heard anything either. Then the lady on the phone told me that I should report the note to my apartment’s leasing office so that they can be aware of the issue.

I made a copy of the nasty note and then marched over to the leasing office. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait, and the lady that works in the office lives in the same building I do and she’s really nice. She knew all about my problem. Why? Because she’s neigbors with the crazy lady and the woman complains about everything. She’s complained about car radios being too loud and has complained to her neighbor that she talks too loud on her own balcony. Anyway, P told me not to worry anymore about the incident.

I will not be parking next to that lady anymore. She needs a new hobby.

We did have a nice meal on Sunday with my brother and some of his family. Since our mom’s birthday was on the 4th and my birthday is also coming up this month, he treated us both to Red Lobster. My nephew, who is extremely picky about what he eats, has never tried the restaurant’s cheesy biscuits before. My brother was finally able to convince him to try a bite of one. Once he did taste one, he was a huge fan. The waitress noticed how much he liked them and she gave him a little bag of free biscuits to take home with him! Good times. :)


11 thoughts on “Her Asshat is on Too Tight

  1. Oh. Em. Gee. Your asshat neighbor and my asshat neighbor should become neighbors and just kill each other in one of their rages. Good plan!
    Glad to hear everyone you spoke to dealt with the issue so well and made you feel better.

    Your lunch also sounds nice. I would really like one of those cheesy biscuits right about now!

  2. Silver: I’m so glad I’m not her neighbor.

    Tim: I third it!

    Laura: It would be great if those two met up, because they could annoy each other in their own little corner of the asylum. Dueling divas! :D

    The biscuits were so good, I probably could’ve dined on those alone. They were fresh out of the oven.

    Manuel: It’s okay, it’s all over now. :D Course now I feel like giving her car the finger everytime I see it parked in the same spot. Mature, aren’t I? Hehe.

  3. You handled it really well, though sorry that it took so much time out of your day.

    I once parked legally in front of a woman’s house and she yelled at me that I couldn’t park there. Ugh.

  4. NoR: I worried more about the incident than necessary, and I’m sure that she’d be happy to hear about that, but she never will.

    I’m sorry about that woman you had to deal with! People get so fussy.

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