“Sweeeeet emotions!”

Happy Saturday! It was my turn to choose the word for Saturday Scavenger Shots, so I picked the word “emotion”.

Nothing bursts your VANITY bubble quicker than a bad photo taken by a bratty brother with a twisted sense of humor. In this photo, taken a few Summers ago, I was wearing my EMOTION(s) on my face. We were about to enjoy a free concert that was to take place in the nearby gazebo. My nephew was in the community band and they were going to play patriotic music. Happy, happy, joy, joy, right?

Before the music started, though, I was uncomfortable. I was hot (it was incredibly humid that day), I felt like any pimple I had was ten times bigger, I hated how I looked in my shirt, but I wore it because my mom likes me to dress more mature. I would’ve worn something completely different and a helluva lot more comfortable, otherwise. Then to top things off, I was in the middle of my once-a-month mood-a-thon, if you catch what I’m sayin’.  All of those things were wrapped up into one facial expression.

Anyway, we were snacking on cheese and crackers before the concert. I went up to throw something away. I turned around and heard my brother say, “That was a good one.” He was snickering and looking at his camera. This was the photo he took of me in one of my finest moments.

Looking at this picture produces a totally different EMOTION, though! I like this photo, because it makes me laugh and it still cracks my brother up something awful. He likes to bring out the photo for special events; especially when more of my brothers come to visit.

Now let’s tag someone! How about you, 3GirlKnight? Are you game?


10 thoughts on ““Sweeeeet emotions!”

  1. bwahahaha! Aw, Tara, yeah! You are definitely showing every emotion that you are feeling right there. There is something so great about that! The purity, I guess :-) Now, I gots to go get mine up. I feel inspired.

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