“Vanity! Definitely my favorite sin.”

I am so late with this, I’m sorry! Laura B. came up with the great word, “VANITY” for this week’s project. I kept meaning to take a photo of the VANITY mirror in my car, but kept forgetting my camera. I found this photo from last year, though:

I was brushing my hair one morning and realized that I was being watched. So I set up the camera and caught not only myself in the mirror, but also Skittles. We both had our levels of VANITY that day.

That’s about it for this week’s word! Oh and Ms. Laura B. said I needed to choose for next week! I do not want to disappoint, so I will choose the word now. How about…..EMOTION? Let’s see where that takes us all!


8 thoughts on ““Vanity! Definitely my favorite sin.”

    • Thank you! I was afraid Skittles would suddenly become camera-shy when I brought out the camera, but it didn’t seem like she suspected anything.

      I’m interested to see what people post for “emotion”!

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