I called my brothers this weekend to ask them to donate to my walkathon, and I really had to talk myself into it. I have a hang-up about asking people for money, so I needed to remember that this is for a charity. I didn’t really need to worry about calling my brothers, because I was able to get a hold of three of them and they’re going to donate. I was prepared to argue with one brother, though, because he likes to annoy me.

Me: I need you to donate to a charity. (The best method for this brother is to be direct.)
Brother: As long as it’s not a charity about breast cancer. (He knew ahead of time I was signed up for the walkathon.)
Me: It is!
Brother: I’m not giving you money.
Me: You like breasts, don’t you?
Brother: Oh yeahhhh!!
Me: You want to save them, right?
Brother: Yes!
Me: Good!
Brother: How far are you walking?
Me: 60 miles.
Brother: (Scoff) You’ll barely make it to 10.
Me: I’m walking with a friend, it’ll help us stay motivated. Because apparently I can’t rely on my brothers to do that.
Brother: Huh!…Yeah, we’ll donate.

My brothers sap my strength sometimes, but I love them!


6 thoughts on “Cam-pain-ing

  1. I do hope you will raise a lot of money. It’s a very worthy cause. I am very skint this month so unless your walk isn’t until next month I won’t be able to sponsor you. I donate every year to a Danish leukaemia and breat cancer charity.

  2. Laura: We keep it interesting. ;)

    Petra: I too am financially limited, I totally understand! My walk won’t be until July. I’m asking people to try to donate ahead of time, though, so that I can focus all of my energy on training.

    Silver: Lol! It’s been awhile since all four of my brothers have been together, but I’d love to see them in action with other brothers!

    • Thanks Tim! Whatever amount you can give will be so helpful! I have to be specific about what I’m asking for, because I told one brother, “Just give what you can” and he offered his lawn chairs. :P

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