“I’m Goin’ Down to Alphabet Street…”

I decided this past weekend that I was going to go through all of the movies I have collected so far, and watch them again, one by one and by alphabetical order. So far I have watched: “Aladdin”, “Alien”, “Aliens” and “Along Came a Spider”.

I noticed that in both “Alien” movies, there’s that scene almost near the end when she’s back on the ship and on her way home, but there’s an alien stowaway who has to give Ripley one more fight. I like the one in “Aliens” better, though. The little girl, Newt, is being stalked by the alien queen, and Ripley gets to shout one of my favorite lines; “Get away from her, you BITCH!” Then Ripley and the queen get into a proper smackdown.

“Along Came a Spider” was a movie I was thinking of giving away. It’s based on the book of the same title, written by James Patterson. I watched it last night, though, and figured I’d keep it a little longer. Even though they really changed a lot for the movie version, it was still a pretty good flick.

The next movie to watch is “The American President”. It’s one of my favorite movies and, like “Moonstruck”, I can watch it again and again without getting tired of it.


8 thoughts on ““I’m Goin’ Down to Alphabet Street…”

  1. Oh, now I was talking about Aliens with my pals on Saturday and I was saying how I’d watched it a couple of months back, and despite it being one of my favourite films I found I didn’t really enjoy it so much this time around.

    This resulted in everyone staring at me with that sort of ‘SHUT UP, TIM’ look on their faces.

  2. This is a great chance to revisit things you haven’t seen in awhile and old favorites that keep popping up :-)
    I am the same with Moonstruck! Eminently watchable.
    I hope you’ll blog about what you’re watching!

  3. Tim: There were some parts of “Aliens” that dragged on a bit, and when I watched the first one the other day, I pretty much bored out of my mind, except for the android freakout scene and the scene when the alien spawn makes it’s first appearance. I didn’t like the third one because I was tired of the dark and drippy atmosphere, but I liked “Alien: Resurrection”.

    Churlita: You should! Just have an Aliens movierama! You could also rename Archie, “Jonesy” for a day because she takes her cat into space in that first movie. :)

    Laura: I do want to blog about the movies I’m watching, so this’ll be a fun project! It’ll last me quite awhile, too!

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