Random Shouts and Some Thinking

– I was standing at the curb today, waiting for the walk signal, when a car sped by with their passenger-side window opened. There were two guys in the car; one of them shouted at me while the other guy smiled and waived. It sounded like they shouted “whore”. Hm. Well, I can see that. I was wearing walking shoes, jeans and a pink, hooded jacket with a breast-cancer awareness ribbon pinned on the collar. I was just asking for it. Or maybe they were talking to the imaginary whore behind me. By the way, this is the second time someone has shouted something at me through their vehicle. A guy a few weeks ago honked at me, and then pulled into a nearby lot to ask me if I was the “lady who’s been married for 20 years”. I don’t know, people. Am I in the wrong neighborhood, or just a neighborhood filled with people who suffer from Tourette’s Syndrome?

– Next topic. I was looking at all the movies I have stored up and thought that I should watch them all again by alphabetical order and then maybe comment on them on here. It would be nice to match a post with the original trailer, too. We shall see, but I’m definitely planning on watching all those movies again just for kicks. I’ll start with the VHS and then move to my smaller DVD collection.

Enough thinking for tonight. I’ve got some whoring around to do.


3 thoughts on “Random Shouts and Some Thinking

  1. I can’t imagine it either. Maybe they’re lonely, and that’s the only way they can reach out to the public…..By shouting random, weird crap to strangers. I hope to never get to that point!

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