My Hip Broke My Fall

I started training for my walkathon yesterday. They tell us to start with a 3-mile walk and then gradually move up throughout the 24 weeks of training. I realized that the route I’ve been walking just for fun equals out to 3.2 miles, so I was happy.

So I went out yesterday wearing my toning shoes. That was a bit of a mistake since there was still ice on the ground. I managed most of the walk without falling, but on the way back home I slipped and landed on my right elbow and thigh. I landed on more snow, though, so the snow broke my fall! No big deal, I was more embarrassed than anything, and I laughed the rest of the way home….partly because I fell, partly because I’m sure people could see me laughing and wondered what was up.

Anyway, my teammate and I will walk a bit on Monday. It’s President’s Day. We don’t have to work a full day, so between shifts we’ll walk a bit! I’m glad we’re walking together, she’s so much fun to work with at the office.


6 thoughts on “My Hip Broke My Fall

  1. Ouch! Sorry about the fall. If I lived where there was ice and snow, I’d probably have to spend months just crawling around.
    Good for you on your training….and it is WAY more fun to do it with a friend. Yay Tara!!!

  2. Laura: I’m glad that the sidewalks on the nature trail were plowed, because that would’ve been a long workout!

    My friend did the walk alone last year, and she had to share a tent with a stranger. Not this time!

    Tim: Well, the actual walkathon will be in July. If there is ice in July, I’m moving out of Ohio!

  3. Sorry you fell. A woman in my office fell on the ice and broke her arm Eek! I’m glad you have someone to walk with. I know it helps me to have the guy around to swim with. It’s a lot easier to wuss-out and not go if it’s just me.

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