What Kind of Cookies Should You Bake?

You Should Bake Peanut Butter Cookies

You are a good humored and straightforward person. You are sweet, but you don’t sugar coat anything.You see things how they are, and luckily, things are pretty great.You are both optimistic and philosophical about life. You can process bad news well.You are good at comforting yourself and knowing what you need. And you have the strength to provide great comfort to others.



I am good at comforting myself and knowing what I need. When I was trying to get over my blues for Skittles last week, I created a “happy music” CD with songs that make me feel good. They didn’t all have happy messages or lyrics, but they hit me just right. “One Night in Bangkok”, “The Sign” and “Rock Lobster” were included.


8 thoughts on “What Kind of Cookies Should You Bake?

  1. You Should Bake Sandwich Cookies
    You are a great listener and a great friend. You’re there for people even if they aren’t there for you.
    You are a comforting and calming influence. People often say you would make a great therapist.
    You love to bring a smile to friends’ faces. You’re the type to bake up a plate of cookies “just because”.
    You are full of common sense and every day wisdom. You give sound advice to anyone willing to listen.

    I am blogthings twins with 3GK this time!

    BTW, I like the songs you listed. I think they are feel good songs too :-)

    • My happy song list keeps getting longer whenever I think of songs I can download from Amazon. Just downloaded some songs from the band Extreme:
      “Hole in My Heart” and “More Than Words”. Love those songs!

  2. You Should Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies
    You are the type of person who has more friends than you can count. You’re very popular.
    You are outgoing and fun loving. You don’t worry too much… you just enjoy life.

    You may be well liked, but there’s nothing bland or ordinary about you.
    You like to write your own rules. Who knows what you’ll throw into your chocolate chip cookies?

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