Winter, Go Frost Yourself

A coworker and I drove to work today. It was a bit slippery but not nail-bitingly slick. Once I pulled into a parking spot at work, I noticed how pretty the snow had made the trees, and that the sky was a beautiful, clear blue. Thankfully the sun has been coming up earlier, so that makes things more cheerful in the morning. My coworker didn’t share my appreciation, though.

We’re supposed to have a few more snow storms before Spring, and as pretty as it all appears sometimes, I’m ready for the warmer weather to arrive…and stay.

Here are some photos from warmer months; during times of roasting marshmallows and beach hopping.

The gull says, “Somewhere there’s a McDonald’s French fry calling my name.”

Here’s one of my nephews eating a roasted marshmallow.

Here’s a pail of fishy fish and the funky bunch. Don’t worry, we returned them to their natural habitat, alive and kicking…er swimming.

Here’s a random gate without a fence and some really pretty, green grass. I took this photo and some others one day after a dress rehearsal for one of our Spring concerts.

This is the Lindsay-Crossman Chapel in Berea, Ohio on the Baldwin-Wallace campus. It’s just down the street from the house with the fenceless gate.

Finally, here is a close-up shot of some blossoms in front of the Methodist church where we have choir practice. Same street as the random gate and the other chapel. I wonder why they call it Seminary Street? Hmm. :) I could almost smell those flowers, though.


9 thoughts on “Winter, Go Frost Yourself

  1. Tara, I know how you feel. Just the other day in Phoenix it got down to 40-degrees in the morning. I had to wear gloves on the ride into work. This weekend there has been no let up in the inclimate weather, it is only expected to get up to 75 today. Good thing my house is insulated.

  2. I had no idea that you were suffering so much, Kerry! You had to wear gloves to work, and meanwhile our brother in Texas had to put on a sweater! My thoughts are with you…

    We’re expecting some tropical weather next week. It’ll almost go up to 50 degrees! I hope I remember my sunscreen.

    • Tara, good response but might I suggest a few others that are both related to the topic and more to the point. How about:

      “Dear Kerry…

      Frost you!”

      Go frost yourself.”

      Frost you and the horse you rode in on.”

      Would you like some frostin’ cheese with that wine?”

      Stop being a frostin’ wiennie!”

      I would laugh but I am too tired from shoveling all this frosting snow”

      Feel free to use any or all of these as you frostin’ please.
      Kerry, Your Frostin’ Brother

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