Too Much Not Enough

Hey, TGIF and all that good stuff. I’m feeling more positive today, which probably has a lot to do with the fact that I had a good talk with my mom yesterday, who encouraged me to talk it out and cry it out. That was followed by a good night’s sleep without any worries; a rare thing for the overthinker.

Anyway, here is the Friday 5 meme! Play along if you’d like!

1.Who’s not as funny as he or she thinks?
– A DJ on a station I don’t listen to anymore because he really isn’t as funny as he thinks. It’s one lame, political or pop culture joke after another.

2.What’s not as big a deal as everyone else seems to think?
– Twitter: I still don’t get the hype. I’m trying, though.

3.What’s something people aren’t concerned enough about?
– A zombie uprising

4.What’s something in the grocery store that’s underrated?
– Bacon & Cheddar-flavored Tater Skins

5.What do you pay too much attention to?
– What I think people think of me. But as a friend once told me, “It’s none of your business what other people think of you.” She heard that from someone else who had to tell her to stop thinking about what other people are thinking about her. Heh…

That wraps things up for this Friday, but stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition of “Saturday Scavenger Shots”! The keyword is “jar”, chosen by Ms. Laura B.! Have a fun weekend, everyone! Thanks again for all of your comforting comments during the past couple of days. They helped me cope too. :)


4 thoughts on “Too Much Not Enough

  1. Manuel: I have had dreams of fighting off zombies for a long time. I think it’s a sign of the times to come.

    Laura B: Oh they’re tasty things. It’s unfortunate that they don’t sell them in bigger bags!

  2. 1: I’m drawing a blank..

    2: I have to agree.. twitter.. it doesn’t do anything for me..

    3: World peace and of course a zombie uprising..

    4: Fruit.. It does wonders for you and chalk full of vitamins..

    5: Face Book.. ha ha.. I have pulled back due to drama..

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