Now for the Happy Memories

Okay! Here is a clip of Skittles when she was playing with a miniature, bottle-brush Christmas tree one afternoon. Pardon the “laughter-cam” around the end. :)

Here are some other memories:

– Skittles and Joshua must’ve been digging at the screen on my window one day when I had them both together. This was back when I was on the second floor in the other apartment building. They tore a big enough hole in the screen, that a bird ventured in one morning and starting flying around my apartment. I was still in bed and woke up to chaos. Skittles lept up on the bed, across my stomach and back down again. She caught the bird in her teeth, but didn’t kill it. I was able to set it free outside again, but for the rest of the day she was all puffed out and quite pleased with herself.

– She has also caught a few birds while lounging out on the balcony. Again, she never killed them, or at least had time to before I could catch them, so they have all been able to live to tell the tale.

– Skittles had a toy that was a ball in a track. There was cardboard in the middle so she could scratch, but she hardly ever used that part. She did love kicking the ball around, though, and sometimes she sounded frustrated with it. My mom gave her a cement mouse, so I put that in the middle of the track. Every once in awhile I would hold the mouse up to her and she would rub her face against it. I still have the cement mouse. I put it in my corner cupboard yesterday.

– She also used to love to drink water from the bathroom faucet. While I’d be in front of the mirror brushing my teeth in the morning, I’d see her tail in the reflection. She’d wander into the bathroom, jump up on the toilet seat and then up on the counter where she’d wait patiently for her turn. Sometimes she would jump up on the sink when I wasn’t nearby, and would sit in the dark for several minutes, just waiting for me to turn on the water. She also liked it when I put water in pretty bowls, and she REALLY liked it when I’d put an ice cube in the water on hot days.

Anyway, I have lots of good memories of her, and thankfully they were coming to me easier today, without the sad memories creeping in.


7 thoughts on “Now for the Happy Memories

  1. Good. I like that she wouldn’t kill the birds (at least immediately). I caught Cleo once with a mouse in her mouth and she dropped it and it ran away, thankfully.

  2. Skittles was a fierce huntress, but she knew how to relax and have a good time. You are lucky to have to many good memories and to know that you gave her a wonderful life where she felt loved and safe.

  3. NoR: I had a mouse in my apartment back when I was in the other building. I twas stealing cat food and taking it to its hideout. I guess mice weren’t on Skittles’s menu. I had to catch the mouse myself and let it go out in the wilderness.

    Laura: Thank you. :)

    Churlita: Watching that video, I forgot how fluffy and plump she used to be! She was a pretty kitty.

    Manuel: Thank you! I will cherish them. My mom and I were talking about the memories we have of not only Skittles, but our other late cat Claudia and the family dogs we’ve had in the past. Lots of good times.

  4. She is a beautiful cat.. I love the colour of her fur and she had an awesome personality.. you can see that in the video.. Treasure those memories and this is a great way to remember her! I hope that you are feeling better today!

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