Saturday Scavenger Shots: Start

Hey, it’s Saturday and the return of Saturday Scavenger Shots! Woo hoo! I’ve missed this game. To start things off, I chose the word “start”. If you’ve never played before, you need to find photos that are related to the word “start”. Here are some photos I found in my archives:

Whenever I see the American flag, I start to think of “The Star Spangled Banner”.

I posted this photo before the start of our family trip to Canada. This soldier dude was going to watch my desk for me, and he did it well!

Finally, here is the skeleton called “Frank” who was starting to hit the booooze.

That was fun! Did you play today? The next part of the game is to tag someone new to choose the next word. I choose: Laura B.!


7 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Shots: Start

  1. 3GirlKnight: Frank says “hello” and “cheers”! Thank you for posting your photo for the game!

    Laura B: “Jar” sounds interesting! I’ll start my photo hunt for next week! Thank you! :) Yeah, I love that skeleton, he’s a keeper!

    Manuel: Congrats on the tattoo! I like that you used that topic for the Saturday Scavenger Hunt photo!

    AlienCG: Thank you! I like your photo too! Thank you for letting me START the Saturday Scavenger Hunt game again! :)

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