Choir and the Return of Saturday Scavenger Shots!

I went to choir last night and it was so much fun. Our director was in high spirits and was making us all laugh. We’re singing a huge medley called “The Song of America”, which is song after song after song of patriotic goodness. There are directions written in the music in case you want to put motions with the song, and one of them asks to twirl umbrellas. Our director joked and said that all the women should twirl umbrellas at the concert.

Anyway, I was able to get my CD of our Winter concert! I listened to it last night and wanted to post some songs on here. You’ll find four tracks in the left margin titled “Music” if you want to listen. One of our strongest-sounding songs was “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”. Probably because it was so much fun to sing!

Okay, so AlienCG has given me the go ahead to bring back the Saturday Scavenger Shots! Yay! Why don’t we start this weekend? To kickstart the return to this fun game, here is the word we can work on for Saturday: “Start”. Then on Saturday I will tag someone new to choose the next word, as is proper procedure!


6 thoughts on “Choir and the Return of Saturday Scavenger Shots!

  1. I need to get on my computer at home so I can listen to your songs! Yay!

    Also, big Yay for Saturday Scavenger Shots. You know that I am ALL for it! I always really enjoyed that and looked forward to it each week. Good word, too :-)

  2. Churlita: I hope you can take part in the Scavenger Shots again!

    Laura B: I’m looking forward to the return of Saturday Scavenger Shots too! It’s this weekend! Yay!

    3GirlKnight: Thank you so much! We’re technically not a church choir, although we practice in a church. We’re actually a community chorus! Just a bunch of people who love to sing. :)

    NoR: Whenever you can participate will be fine with me!

    Manuel: My mom loves that song. I’m not sure which is more fun; hearing the original song or singing it.

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