Thinking of Thoughts

I hope everyone had a splendid weekend! Since it was soul-shockingly frigid outside, I stayed in, experimented on food I’ve never tried before and watched movies. I bought two movies on Friday that were available in the 5 dollar bin: “Life” and “Good Fellas”. I’m not a fan of mafia movies, but I liked “Good Fellas” enough to buy it. I guess I liked how it was told through Ray Liotta’s character. There were some funny scenes in it when people weren’t kicking in skulls and burying bodies.

Anyway, as appetizing as that was, I decided to try veggie burgers. I can’t quite tell you what the veggie burger tasted like, because I put onion, mayo, ketchup and mustard on the thing. It offset the idea of eating healthier, I s’ppose! I’ll have to try again with limited toppings to unmask the real flavor. I also bought some vegetarian-style chicken nuggets (they call them “chik’n” since they’re not made of chicken) to try this week too.

Hey, I go back to choir tonight! Yay! I received an email from our choir’s spokesman and before I opened it I was afraid he’d say that it was canceled for tonight. Nope! It’s on! It is so on! He did ask that people bring their copy of Handel’s “Messiah” to rehearsal if they have their own copy. So we’ll be singing songs from “The Messiah”. That brings back memories from high school choir. We pretty much sang the whole thing back then. It’ll be nice to have a familiar piece to sing again!

So I’ve been thinking lately about my blog. I am probably going to get rid of the Eclectic Calendars. You’ve all been so helpful with it, and your ideas have kept it alive for a very long time. Thank you! But when it comes to thinking up my own days, I feel like I’m running out of ideas and lately it is feeling more like a school assignment than a fun project.

What I would love to bring back is the Saturday Scavenger Shots idea from Evil E and AlienCG. I always enjoyed finding the right photo for the chosen word. What say you?


8 thoughts on “Thinking of Thoughts

  1. I have had various degrees of success with veggie burgers. Sometimes they taste good to me and sometimes they taste like nothing. I guess I haven’t had a really bad one :-)
    I remember singing the Hallelujah chorus in high school. It was fun to learn and always sounds amazing.
    I know the calendar must be a LOT of work. If it isn’t fun anymore, you should definitely…give it a rest? Subject to changing your mind? :-D And I would LOVE to do the photo scavenger hunt again!!!!

  2. I’m not a fan of vegetarian foods that are disguised as something normally meat-based. I like certain vegetarian dishes, but they are overtly so.

    Also, I am hereby giving my blessing to restarting the Scavenger Hunt. Let the games begin again.

  3. Ok, so you know I am going to chime in on this. A veggie burger is not a burger. It is a veggie patty. It does not deserve the name of burger.

    Saturday Scavenger Hunt? I was so bad at doing those back then, but I think I could get on board with those. I like to dabble in photography now and then.

  4. Laura B: Yeah, maybe the calendar will just go on a hiatus rather than retire permanently. Thank you! :)

    3GirlKnight: Bacon! Why didn’t I think of that? Bacon makes everything taste great!

    AlienCG: Thank you for giving me your blessing about the Saturday Scavenger Hunt! I’m glad we can bring it back.

    Silver: It does feel good to eat right….but it also feels good to eat bad too. >:)

    Manuel: Oops, sorry! Veggie patty then! :) You need to participate in the Saturday Scavenger Hunt! It’s a must for people who dabble in photography!

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