“Is there a pinkish hue?”

My friend and I decided to form a team of two for the 3-day walkathon, so we had to come up with a name. Both of us are serious fans of the show “Seinfeld” (we quote from that show several times a day), so I wanted to think of names that had some kind of reference to the show. It was either, “The Pink Susies” or “The Pinkish Hues”. My friend and I both liked “The Pinkish Hues”, so that is the name of our team o’two. Our next step is to think of some fundraising events, which will be pretty fun. This whole experience will be unforgettable.


7 thoughts on ““Is there a pinkish hue?”

  1. Manuel: Lol, that’s okay. :P

    Eros: Hey, thank you!

    Churlita: I’m sure we’ll have a great time! It was fun just coming up with a team name! It’ll be fun, too, once we start training.

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