iTunes Appreciation Day

Hey, I’m a day late with this one, but I wanted to post somethin’ new. I thoroughly appreciate my iTunes. Sometimes I adjust the volume and have it playing all day while I’m not at home. I figure it’s calming to the kitteh. I don’t know. I’m not a cat whisperer. Anyway, I’m listening to iTunes now. Currently it’s Celine Dion’s song, “Forget Me Not”. I’m not proud of every song that’s in my iTunes library.

I have my choir concert CDs on my iTunes list. A few months ago I grew tired of hearing my choir songs. I still love choir, but the songs we sing don’t make me want to dance. I created an entire folder of songs called, “Everything But Choir”. Problem solved!

Last weekend I went to Best Buy; my favorite tech-store hub. Santa gave me a generous giftcard to spend at this place, so I had a cheerful spring in my step and gleam in my eyes as I drove over to my favorite store. I bought a Johnny Cash CD and then bought the following DVDs: “The Incredibles”, “Superbad” (I watched this with my mom while feeling a bit awkward about how many times Jonah Hill uses the “F” word my mom hates so much) and a really cool workout DVD on bellydancing.

I haven’t used my bellydancing muscles in awhile; not since I took some community classes on the subject. It’s a great workout for the hips and stomach, especially. There’s a 7-minute warmup, then three, 12-minute workout routines and then a 6-minute cool down. It was worth the money….that was still left on my card. Actually, I still have enough left on my card to buy a few discounted DVDs. Any suggestions?

Okay, DVDs are totally off the subject of iTunes. Now I’m listening to Stevie Wonder’s song, “I Just Called to Say ‘I Love You'”. I love this song.


4 thoughts on “iTunes Appreciation Day

  1. I have some weird gaps in my technology acquisitions and having an iTunes account is one of them.

    Your Best Buy acquisitions sound great! I thought Superbad was funny, but yeah, probably wouldn’t want to see it with my mom :-)

    For Xmas, DR got me Steve Martin’s comedy albums on CD. I had them when they came out in the late 70s on cassette, I think! Anyway, they are really fun to listen to if you like Steve Martin…

  2. I’ve spent a fair bit in the iTunes store recently. It’s kind of bad that I have such easy access to so much at such reasonable prices, but hey, I’ll cope somehow…

    Ooo! Get the Scott Pilgrim DVD! Or Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist!!

  3. Silver: That is frustrating! Won’t it let you put it on “shuffle”?

    Laura B: My mom laughed at lots of scenes, but I knew she was growing tired of the swearing. I should’ve had her watch the version that was edited for TV.

    Thank you for the suggestions! My parents used to love Steve Martin; especially when he was on SNL.

    Tim: I’m not ready for Scott Pilgrim, but I might give Nick & Norah’s a chance! Thank you!

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