Have Lunch with a Friend Today

Okay, well I had lunch with myself today, unless you count my cat. She is considered a friend, but was napping in the other room. I have been going to lunch with a friend from work, and everytime we go to a restaurant, we unwind and start talking about all sorts of stuff. We laugh so hard it’s difficult to eat or breathe. That’s entertainment!

I didn’t have to go into work until 2pm today (long story), so I had a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a peanut butter sandwich before I went to work. It kept me happy until the end of our school’s graduation ceremony. That’s pretty good, actually! I ate at 12:30 and wasn’t hungry until 7:30pm! Woo hoo, I’ll get fit eventually!


4 thoughts on “Have Lunch with a Friend Today

  1. Sounds like a good lunch.

    My lunch date today was my dad, we had left over pulled pork. I joked that our dogs must not like pork as neither one were sitting at our feet begging as they normally do whenever anyone is eating something.

  2. Silver: My cat has particular tastes, too. Loves chicken and pork, couldn’t care less about fish.

    Laura B: I love being able to go home for lunch and eat by myself while watching some TV.

    Tim: Hey, thanks for honoring the holiday! :) WordPress is weird. I will post a comment and they’ll tell me there was an error and to refresh the page. When I do refresh, they tell me that I can’t post duplicate comments. WTF exactly.

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