Should You Eat, Pray, or Love?

You Should Eat

It’s likely that you’ve been going through a hard time, and you need to rest and refuel.

You could do with some nourishment, and not just the caloric kind. It’s time to take care of yourself.You find happiness when you put your own needs first. You deserve the best, and you should be pampered more.

Relax, indulge, and allow yourself to feel totally full. You’ve earned it.

Well, if Blogthings insists….


2 thoughts on “Should You Eat, Pray, or Love?

  1. You Should Love

    It’s likely that you’ve been craving more human connection in your life lately – either romantic or platonic.
    You’ve spent some time alone, and now you’re ready to open yourself up to the world again.

    You find happiness when you truly respect, appreciate, and care for someone. Relationships bring meaning to your life.
    No matter how many times you’ve been hurt, you have a lot of love left in your future.

    Awwww! Yeah, Blogthings, you’re right….

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