Take a Picture of Snow Today

Today’s holiday is “Take a Picture of Snow Today”, contributed graciously by Ms. Laura B.!

Here is my photo of snow. I took this today at my mom’s place:

Frozen Pond, but Snowless Grass

Oops! Well as you can see, we didn’t have any snow on the ground. In fact the other day is was near 50 degrees! It was such a nice, Spring-like day. I was fooled by the same kind of sun that was out today, and walked out without my jacket. Big mistake. The temps dropped to Winter-like levels. Gotta love Ohio and our schitzophrenic weather! I think the snow that we usually get around this time was all sent over to the southern states and to the U.K.

8 thoughts on “Take a Picture of Snow Today

  1. Silver: I enjoyed the days we didn’t have to worry about snow storms. The rain didn’t even bother me. I think the fairytale is going to end for Ohio next week.

    Manuel: I hope you had beautiful weather!

    IDV: That’s good! Let Spring begin now! :)

  2. NoR: I know! When we get an unseasonable warm front, people go crazy with what they wear. They break out the shorts. Then when the cold returns, that’s when the sniffling and sneezing arrive.

    Laura B: Thanks! I hope you do get a shot of the mountains! I loved seeing the mountains in the distance when I visited Arizona for the first time.

    Churlita: I’m excited for you about that trip! Yeah, it is weird that we have to travel elsewhere to get some snow. :)

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