Crazy Socks Day

January 1st was Crazy Socks Day! I have about five pairs of crazy socks – six or seven if you count slippers. I won’t post all of them since most are in the wash at the moment. Here is a pair for Easter, though:

Cah-razy Socks!

As you can see, there are flowers on the socks and marshmallow peeps and bunnies. I immediately assume they’re marshmallow since that is the kind of candy that comes out around Easter time.

Anyway, that’s my contribution for the first Eclectic holiday of 2011! This holiday was brought to us by the lovely Laura from the blog; “What Fresh Hell is This?” Stop by her blog and say “hey”!


5 thoughts on “Crazy Socks Day

  1. I love those socks! I used to have this family that came to a lot of programs at the library. On every conceivable holiday they would bring each of us a little treat bag that usually contained something sweet and a pair of holiday socks, so I have a great collection! (They had their fourth kid awhile ago..haven’t seen them since…) :-)

  2. Laura B: Oh how cool! I love little gifts like that, and it sounds like you have an impressive collection of crazy socks! You should post a pair or two when you get a chance!

    Churlita: Thanks! I’m pretty happy with my Easter socks. :)

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