Happy New Year, Friends! How did you celebrate? Did you go out or stay in? I stayed in, but my mom visited my place with her cat. We had cheese fondue yesterday and pork roast today. Yummy! I’m so tired, though. Didn’t get much sleep, it was a struggle! Thankfully there’s one more day left before reality returns and I’m back to work.

Here is the list of January holidays for 2011! Woo hoo! Thank you, LB, for helping! I was running out of my own ideas, so please excuse any repeats. I am late posting the list, so will post days 1 and 2 tomorrow. Here ya go, though! Again, I hope all of you have a wonderful 2011!

1. Crazy Socks Day
2. Take a Picture of the Snow Day
3. Learn an Elvish Phrase Today (J.R.R. Tolkien’s Birthday – 1892)
4. Girlie Girl’s 18th birthday

5. iTunes Appreciation Day
6. Have Lunch with a Friend Today
7. Call Someone Today (Relative, Friend, Coworker, Etc.)
8. Be Rebellious Today
9. Take a Blogthings Quiz Today
10. Be Extra Positive Today
11. Buy a New Movie or Book Today
12. Movie Theater Pet Peeves Today
13. Nature Appreciation Day
14. Wear Something Orange Today
15. Wear Something Purple Today
16. Be a “Smooth Operator” Today (Sade’s Birthday – 1959)
17. Share Your Dreams Today (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
18. Bad Acting Appreciation Day
19. Watch Out for Crazy People Today (Full Moon)
20. Twitter Appreciation Day (if Applicable)
21. Facebook Appreciation Day (if Applicable)
22. Happy, Childhood Memory Day
23. Clean Out Your Fridge Today
24. Back to Choir for Tara Day!
25. Redecorate Your Place Today
26. Cheese Appreciation Day
27. Dollar Store Appreciation Day
28. Recycle Something Today
29. Swing Appreciation Day (Find Swings at a Park and…Swing!)
30. Book Review Appreciation Day
31. Bring Sexy Back Today (Justin Timberlake’s Birthday – 1981)


5 thoughts on “1102!…Er…2011!!

  1. Laura B: I actually heard a bit of thunder on New Year’s Eve, because we had some warmer, freakish weather! Then I heard some fireworks and shouting.

    Manuel: Friends and totally inappropriate board games sounds like a perfect way to welcome in the New Year!

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