“I’m in My Office!!”

Thought I’d tell you about my adventures during our campus’s renovation. For the longest time I was able to sit at my usual spot and do my job while watching my coworkers struggle as they changed their desks and phone extensions. I felt a bit like an outsider to the whole thing.

Well that changed! I left work one day with my area of white walls and coffee-stained carpeting, and returned with at least 3.5 walls all wallpapered beautifully with terracotta and mustard yellow! I am so happy with the new colors. Then I left for a brief, Thanksgiving break to come back with new carpeting. Something was missing that day, though. Oh, I know. My desk!

I was missing my desk. It’s a big, reception-style desk, so it’s hard not to notice. All that remained was my phone and switchboard. My friend set up a little card table for me and then my other friend rolled up one of the little filing cabinets I use in the area. I’m happy to report that, on that 1/2 day of work for everyone, I was the main source of amusement! Here’s a photo:

Me, Myself and I

People were wired that day, it was probably due to the fact that we only had a half day of work before Christmas break. I don’t know, but wow, people loosened their lips! My friend and I heard our I.T. guy use the term “cluster f**k” a zillion times, and then came the outpouring of short jokes about yours truly.

The new desk had arrived and people who walk through the main door can barely see me, according to all the people who are taller than 5’10. I love the desk, I still do. As an introvert, I don’t find a problem with the fact that I’m hidden sometimes.

By the end of that short (no pun intended) day, I was fried from all of the jokes. I’ve got brothers, all naturally taller, who have flung the brotherly shit at me about being 5’1. “Coffee stunts your growth, obviously” – “She’s a hobbit” – “Suffers from migititis”, etc. Call it pre-PMS, but I was fed up. I started firing back, but then felt like a bitch later on. I never apologized, though.

Anyway, after all of that fuss, I went on Christmas break for a few days. When I came back, I was able to settle down at my new desk without the short jokes….

But wait…My computer wasn’t set up! The tech assistant tried, but found out that the power had been shut off until tomorrow. I won’t be there tomorrow. Today, though, I sat at my new desk with hardly anything to do but wait for the phone to ring. Thankfully it rang enough. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one on duty this week! Thankfully, the “skeleton crew” who worked today had a sense of humor. I love my skeleton crew. :)


6 thoughts on ““I’m in My Office!!”

  1. I suppose a larger table is required in reception but you rock the mini table!

    You shouldn’t apologise because if they can dish it out, they must be ready to get some in return. It’s the same thing at my work, there’s always some smart arse saying something playful but you’ve just got to give it right back.

  2. haha! I can see where the combination of holiday high spirits and the tiniest reception desk ever might have made your co-workers a bit giddy :-) As you have had lots of practice with all those brothers, I’m glad you were able to hold your own!

    When I am out at the public desk, I like the bigness of it too. It does feel sort of safe or something. Sometimes kids will try to come around, usually to see the computer screen and I never let them! Mean librarian.

  3. CyberPete: Ha, thanks! :D Thankfully with the gang I work with now, they’ve got a great sense of humor and can take it well.

    Laura B: I don’t like people coming around to my area, either! At my old desk, one of my coworkers would hover and I knew he needed some information from the computer. It was annoying. I wonder if he’ll respect space after my computer’s hooked up?

    Churlita: Yup, they’re pretty much back to normalish, although there is still renovation going on in another part of the campus. The dust will eventually settle.

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