“Let’s Dance!”

This weekend has been busy for me! I will admit to only you that my weekends aren’t usually action packed. Maybe you knew, maybe you didn’t.

Anyway, our choir’s dress rehearsal was on Saturday. The Cackler wasn’t there to “help” us out, but we survived, had some laughs and got in some practice before the big day.

Afterwards, I zoomed home, got all beautified for my company’s Christmas party, and then waited for my friend and her husband to pick me up. I was very impressed with their car, it was pretty cool (by cool I mean that the door handle to the back seat wasn’t located in the normal place).

The food at the party was delicious, that’s all there is to it. I wish I had gathered up some for a take-home box. I did try to fill up my plate with as much of the food as possible. I didn’t care that I looked like I made myself a trough.

There was a dance floor, and so we danced. I encourage crazy dancing, but will admit that if nobody else is out there, I will not be the one to start the dancing. I need encouragement. After that, though, I’m so there. Thankfully there were many people at the party who needed to dance it all out. We did the “Electric Slide” and some other random dances. We also tried to start a long train by dancing to the song “The Locomotion”, but too many people were party poopers. I’m very disappointed, actually. Next year I hope to see more dancing to what could be one of the easiest dances ever. Lighten up, people!

I was amused over the Christmassy disco lighting on the ceiling. I was caught staring at it in wonderment, but sadly not on camera.

These are some of my ultra-fabulous coworkers. These were the people who encouraged me to get out there and dance, one of those people being my manager. She is a fun person.

My coworker, C, and myself. She was one of those people who didn’t get out there and dance. Grr.

This is another friend/coworker and her husband dancing to a song I had never heard. Those two were very good at coaxing others to dance.

Jazz Hands! This is another coworker. I’m disappointed that he didn’t join us for the Locomotion dance, but at least he could give me this pose.


6 thoughts on ““Let’s Dance!”

  1. Your party looks like fun! I wish we had dancing at our work party…boring city people :-( Like you, I wouldn’t be Elaine starting the action, but I would join in! You look really pretty in that photo with your co-worker. Glad you had a fun action packed weekend!
    I’m hoping tomorrow you will tell us about the concert.

  2. I’m glad you had a good time. My job didn’t have an “official” Christmas party but one of the women did have something for the cashiers though I didn’t go.

  3. Laura B: Thank you! :) I was so happy when I found that dress – didn’t have to spend too much on it, either.

    Silver: This was the first time I’ve gone to a Christmas party in a few years. For awhile, I didn’t want to see the people I worked with out of the office. Now it’s much better!

    3GirlKnight: I did! :)

    Tim: I’m glad I went this year! It was a fun weekend, I loved that I could go to this party on Saturday and have our Christmas concert on Sunday.

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