Snow Happens

This week has been dragging. It hasn’t helped that for at least three of those days, we’ve had freezing temps and wind chills that slap you from head to toe through your core.

We were also welcomed by some snow that lasted from Sunday through Tuesday (into Wednesday for some other areas). Monday was the heaviest snow day, but we all showed up for work. I’d say 95% of the calls that came in were from either parents of students or the students themselves asking if the school was closed. Morning classes were delayed two hours, but aside from that we were open for business. I heard exhausted sighs over the phone, disgusted tones and one mother called in and was, and I quote; “LIVID” that we weren’t closed and that her son had to drive to school in the snow. I just listened intently at her rant, knowing that she wasn’t really blaming me for the weather or that the school was still open. Then a student called and this was our conversation:

Student: “Is the school open tonight?”
Me: “Yes, so far we’re open.”
Student: “How will we know if the school closes?”
Me (by that time of day I probably sounded like either a broken record or a commercial) “You can check out Channel 3…”
Student (Angry and under the assumption I have mental telepathy): “I can’t watch TV, I’ll be at work!”
Me: “Okay, you can check the school closings on the channel’s website then, if..”
Student: “I work in a factory, there’s no internet!”
Me (running out of ideas): “You can also call our school later to check…”
Student: (angry mumble) *CLICK*

I understand the frustration, though. I understand that it was worse in some areas than it was in ours, and some students drive a long distance to get to school. It’s even worse if they do drive up to the school only to find out that classes were canceled. Night classes started on time that night, though.

I also heard, “Hey, the other school (he meant the campus on the east side) is closed, how come you ain’t?” I’ll just leave that one open for comments.

The sun is out now and we have a very brief hiatus before the next storm rolls in. The next one is due next week when I’m on vacation. Woo hoo!


3 thoughts on “Snow Happens

  1. I wouldn’t want to go out in the snow either, but I like to think I wouldn’t take it out on my place of employment or my place of education!

    We ain’t closed, cause clearly you need you some extree learnin’!

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