Shopping Frenzy Day

I’m going to avoid the frenzy of shopping today, actually! My main goal is to hang out with a friend of mine who is set up at a craft fair today. No shopping required.

Are you going to go into a shopping frenzy today? If so, where are ya headed? Grocery store? Mall? Some other magical place? Be careful but have fun!

This drawing is supposed to represent the result of shopping frenzy. My camera died on me last weekend. I’m not happy about it, but I will survive. I’m thinking a new camera is in store for me when I decide to go on a shopping trip!


7 thoughts on “Shopping Frenzy Day

  1. I’ve never shopped at Target for Chistmas gifts, but there’s one just down the road!

    My mom and I are combining gifts this year and will be ordering gifts online for the out-of–staters.

    I found some fresh batteries today and thankfully that’s all my camera needed! The ones from the dollar store apparently weren’t powerful enough.

  2. I did shop on Sat but not until I dropped. I gotta just get a couple things more and I’m set – gotta send it back east! Hope you get a nice camera for yourself.

  3. I have almost finished my Christmas shopping – done most of it online or at the big shopping centre near work in the evenings, but braved another shopping centre yesterday afternoon and it was MANIC.

  4. NoR: We have to send things out west…more southwest, actually, that’s where most of my brothers live. So ordering online will be very helpful.

    I don’t think I’ll need a new camera afterall. I found some sturdy, fresh batteries and that’s all it took!

    Churlita: No rush, there are still a few weeks left! :)

    Tim: You’re always speedy with your Christmas shopping, I’m almost jealous! Good job braving the maniacs at the shopping center!

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