Stocking Stuffer Appreciation Day

Petite Books - Small But Mighty!

I love stocking stuffers! I love buying them just as much as I love to receive them. My stocking is the last thing I check on Christmas Day. It’s like a nice little wrap-up (no pun intended) to Christmas. I usually get some kind of candy, and then I get some little trinkets.

When I prepare the stockings, I also put in candy and when finances permit, I include books like the one I posted. Borders displays these little books up by the registers. I know they’re traps for the frenzied shopper, but I don’t care. Consider me suckered in. There are calendars, gardening kits, Tarot-reading guides, etc. I bought a kit once about belly dancing (I may have blogged about this before) and it came with the traditional finger cymbals. That kit was a treat for myself. Now I need to find out where I put it. Nevermind that now, though!

Enough about me! What are your favorite Christmas stocking stuffers?


3 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffer Appreciation Day

  1. I’m not sure about my favorite… My family spends time on stocking stuffers, since we just pick one person a year to give a big present to. Most are items bought at yard sales (and most won’t actually fit into the stocking). In the actual stocking there’s candy and lottery tickets, and nonsense stuff. Fun.

  2. I love doing the stockings! Our tradition involves everyone getting an apple, an orange, all kinds of candy. That is for everyone. After that it gets more personalized with little games, grooming types of things, anything small that someone might like :-) We do our stockings first thing Christmas morning.

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