Happy 1st Day of December, the last month of 2010! Thank you for your holiday ideas, they should all be in there!

Let’s start this month by appreciating reindeer. Remember them on Christmas Eve by putting celery and carrots on the plate next to the one for Santa. The last thing we need this season is a bunch of disgruntled wildlife.


1. Reindeer Appreciation Day
2. Hanukkah Begins!
3. Stocking Stuffer Appreciation Day
4. Shopping Frenzy Day
5. Shopping Frenzy Recovery Day (Go through everything you bought while drinking hot chocolate and listening to music)
6. Make a Snowman Day
7. My Favorite Holiday Movie Day
8. “Break on Through to the Other Side” Today (Jim Morrison’s Birthday – 1943)
9. Cackle Like a Wicked Witch and Threaten People with the Line: “I’ll get you, my pretty!” Today (Margaret Hamilton’s Birthday – 1902)
10. Fight for Your Right to Party (Human Rights Day)
11. Post Something to Sell on Ebay Today
12. Draw or Paint Something Resembling “The Scream” Today (Edvard Munch’s Birthday – 1863)
13. Watch a Movie Starring Steve Buscemi (Born in 1957)
14. Buy a Lottery Ticket Today (Shirley Jackson’s Birthday – 1919)
15. Watch a Carol Burnett Show Episode on YouTube (Tim Conway’s Birthday – 1933)
16. Tim’s Last Day of Work Before Christmas!
17. Create a Paper Airplane Today (Wright Brothers Day – commemorates the first flight by Orville and Wilbur Wright on December 17, 1903)
18. Is Keith Richards Really Only 66 Today?…Day (Birthday – 1943)
19. Winter Concert Appreciation Day
20. Check the Pressure in Your Tires Today (Harvey Firestone’s Birthday – 1868)
21. Winter Solstice Appreciation Day
22. Neighbor Appreciation Day
23. Harry Shearer Appreciation Day (Born in 1943)
24. Prepare a Treat for Santa and his Reindeer (Christmas Eve)
25. Merry Christmas!
26. Twas the Night After Christmas…Day (Enjoy the Serenity)
27. Healthy Hygiene Awareness Day (Louis Pasteur’s Birthday – 1822)
28. Watch a Movie Starring Dame Maggie Smith Today (Born This Day in 1934)
29. Wear Cowboy Boots Today (Jon Voight’s Birthday – 1938)
30. Watch “West Side Story” (1961) and/or the 1960’s version of “The Haunting” Today (Russ Tamblyn’s Birthday – 1934)
31. Say “Au revoir!” to 2010!

Here’s a photo I took last month while going for a walk. I thought they looked Christmassy enough to post today!


7 thoughts on “DECEMBER 2010!

  1. IDV: Well on the 9th, you won’t have any limits, if you had any before! Cackle all you want! It’s what Margaret Hamilton would’ve wanted, I’m sure!

    Churlita: The 9th will be a popular holiday!

    NoR: Thank you! I keep thinking we should still be in November.

    Tim: Thanks Tim! Congrats on your own holiday! The last day before a vacation is always something to celebrate!

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