“…and All Other Crazelnuts”

Choir was fun last night, and we made really good progress with the tougher songs. Even better, we Sopranos made the Cackler happy. Always a joyous occasion. She was bringing attention to more trouble spots, and every time we messed up one particular section, she would vigorously shake her head “no”. Our actual director and our piano player helped us through and then when we sang the section correctly, the Cackler said, “Oh that sounds much better!” Yay! :P

Anyway, onto the fun part! We went through the song “Fruitcake” again. The part for the Tenors is basically a rap, for lack of a better word. They basically speak their part but with a rhythm to it: “Pecans and walnuts and hazelnuts. Almonds and all other crazelnuts”. Our directior, T, was joking and said that the Tenors should wear baseball hats off to the side and sunglasses and act like they’re rappers during the concert. If he goes through with that idea (and he looked like the gears were turning in his head), the audience and the choir will crack up with laughter. Thankfully we only have two more practices left before dress rehearsal and then the big day. It’s gonna be so much fun!

Oh and he also made a change to the “Charlie Brown Christmas” medley. We’re supposed to all shout “MERRY CHRISTMAS” at the end, but since we’re shouting stuff at the end of a few other songs, he didn’t want to overdo it. Someone in the Bass section was absent last night, and one of the guys was suggesting that they don’t tell that person we left that part out so that he’s embarrassed when he’s the only one shouting, “Merry Christmas”. We choir people can be wicked.


6 thoughts on ““…and All Other Crazelnuts”

  1. Churlita: There were actually a few people absent yesterday, so it’ll be interesting to see (and hear) what happens next Monday!

    Silver: Oh yeah, it would just be for fun if his buddies do that to him during next week’s practice. Hopefully by the time the concert comes up, everyone will know not to yell that part of the song.

  2. Laura: We’re wiley people, for sure! I’m glad you like my choir stories. I like blogging about them!

    Tim: Muah ha ha! It makes me laugh imagining next week’s practice and what’s going to happen if nobody warns the innocent.

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