Holiday Music!

Hey everyone! Happy Belated Thanksgiving! For those of you who celebrate, how did it go for all of you? I hope you ate only the best-tasting food and were able to fall asleep happily when the tryptophan kicked in!

Yesterday and a year ago, my mom was getting treated for pneumonia and I cooked the traditional feast. I’m thankful that my mom was able to join us this year in all her glory. :) I’m also thankful that my brother and his wife prepared the meal and all I had to bring was the appetizer. To be fair, though, I did quite well doing it on my own last year. Even my brother, who likes to dish out snarky jokes and sarcastic comments more than compliments, sincerely said that I did a really good job! Bonus! We all had a great time, though, this year.

Well it’s Friday, how about them apples? Time for another edition of “Friday5”. Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time to focus on the merry holidays.

What’s your favorite holiday album?
– I don’t think I have a specific holiday album in mind, but I do look forward to getting our choir’s concert CD in the mail. Rehearsing and performing in our choir concerts do put me in the spirit.

What song’s lyrics, title, or theme best expresses the positive aspects of your general mood at this time of year?
– “Jingle Bell Rock”, “Here Comes Santa Claus”, “Silver Bells” and “O Holy Night”

What song’s lyrics, title, or theme best expresses the not-so-positive aspects of your general mood at this time of year?
– “Silent Night” – for some reason that song depresses both me and my mom. There’s also the parody of “12 Days of Christmas, called: “The 12 Pains of Christmas”, and that serves up lots of the not-so-positive aspects, including; five months of bills and hangovers.

What’s your favorite song about a non-December holiday?
– I learned a song awhile back in choir called “Lord of the Dance”. It was for one of our Spring concerts, and most of it was very cheerful. Aside from that and the song, “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”, I draw a blank when it comes to non–December holiday songs!

What holiday song makes you want to cover your ears and flee?
– “Jingle Bells”



3 thoughts on “Holiday Music!

  1. I’m so glad you had a great Thanksgiving with your family…especially your healthy mom!

    Let’s see, about this Friday 5 –
    1. I don’t think I’d ever buy a whole holiday album unless someone I cared about was performing on it!
    2. I think “Home for the Holidays” says a lot about the positive aspects of this time of year.
    3. Are there any songs about shopping? That is what I DON’T like about this time of year :-)
    4. My favorite song about a non-December holiday is Happy Birthday!
    5. I can’t think of one particular song that I despise. Some of them totally depend on who is performing them.

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