“Don’t Forget the Cinnamon”

I only have one Cackler story to share tonight, because I tried to block her out of my thoughts for the majority of our practice.

During Chamber choir practice, T told us to take out “How Far is it to Bethlehem” to practice. The Cackler asked, “How far do you want to go? *CACKLE*” Now that could’ve been an innocent joke, but it sounded cheeky to me. I think the people I’m working with have corrupted me. They’re a bad influence, I love it. :)

Later on during practice, she was directing a small group of us Sopranos because we weren’t singing the right note. I’m so….thankful…she was there for us.

We’re singing a song called “Fruitcake”. It’s a fun song about how to make fruitcake. One line is, “Cinnamon, cinnamon, don’t forget the cinnamon. Cloves and spice will make it nice, but don’t forget the cinnamon.” That line was stuck in my head for the majority of last week. To make it worse, I was pouring myself a cup of coffee before I started my shift last Thursday, and one of the instructors was preparing his breakfast. He toasted some bagels and then sprinkled cinnamon on top. The construction foreman said, “That smells good…oh it’s cinnamon!” Then of course that launched me right back into, “Cinnamon, cinnamon, don’t forget the cinnamon.” Argh! It’ll be a good song, though.


4 thoughts on ““Don’t Forget the Cinnamon”

  1. There is something about the word cinnamon. I don’t even know that song and could potentially get that little incantation stuck in my head!
    And yes, thank goodness The Cackler was there to set everyone straight. What would you do without her? Now there is a pleasant fantasy for you…

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