Cacklin’ Oats Crunch

I haven’t posted anything about the Cackler in awhile! She was in rare form tonight, I don’t know how many cups of coffee she had before attending choir tonight, but yeesh.

It started off with her being a bit of a smart ass with me. I pulled into the parking lot at the same time she did, but I didn’t realize it was her in the car. When we got out, she greeted me.

Cackler: “HI!”
Me: “Hey, how are you?”
Cackler: “It’s just me!”
Me: “C’s not here?” (My friend C is in the same two choirs and usually comes with the Cackler because she doesn’t drive)
Cackler: “Uh, no. Hence the reason I said ‘It’s just me.” *cackle*
Me (trying to shake off some rising irritation): Oh, I thought maybe her parents drive her here sometimes.
Cackler: “Nope, I drive!”

A quote from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” popped into my head that I wish I had said to her: “Yeah, you drive. You drive me crazy!”

Anyway, we went into the church where we were greeted by our director’s parents and some others. Someone else was using the church for a few more minutes so we couldn’t go in yet. I knew why the director’s parents were there, he wanted to do sectionals this time. The parents would direct one part of the choir while the director would help the other part. He announced this would happen during last week’s rehearsal so I wasn’t shocked to see them there.

The Cackler looked at them and said in her loud, special voice, “Let me guess – we’re doing sectionals tonight! *CACKLE*” The parents, who think she’s hilarious, laughed and confirmed.

The fun didn’t stop there. During both choir rehearsals, she brought attention to several parts we still “didn’t get”, threw her head back and cackled everytime our director changed his mind about what he wanted us to practice, and made lame jokes that didn’t get as much laughter as she would’ve liked.

In Chamber choir, we sing a song called “Hodie Christus Natus Est”, and our director’s dad didn’t want us to pronounce “hodie” like “hoe-dee-ay”. The Cackler announced, “That sounds like a hillbilly in Canada! – Hodie, eh?” People chuckled, but not enough, so she tried it a few more times without any luck.

When choir was over for the week, I got out of there quickly and didn’t have to walk with her on the way to our cars. I would’ve preferred to walk with Freddy Kruegar. He tells better jokes.


7 thoughts on “Cacklin’ Oats Crunch

  1. She would definitely annoy the hell of of me too. I hate it though when you know someone and they are generally nice but you just don’t like them much because of certain “eccentricities” they have…like a bad sense of humor and an annoying laugh.

  2. Silver: Yeah, she can be a very nice person, but yikes – a little goes a long way! :)

    3GirlKnight: I can barely stand the Cackler for a few hours once a week, I couldn’t imagine working with someone like that! I’m glad your Cackler doesn’t work with you anymore!

    Laura B: I wish you could hear her live to capture the “magic”. :)

  3. Manuel: Yup, she’s quite a presence in choir. I’m thinking there is a good group of people who can’t stand her.

    Churlita: My friend, who is usually a very patient person, doesn’t even like to sit next to her, that’s bad. I will hang in there, though, because choir is so much fun.

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