Down with the Sickness

It’s “Friday5” time! I hope you’re chillin’ rather than illin’ so that you can participate in this meme. Okay, I’m done. Have an awesome weekend!

When you’re sick in bed, do you prefer to be left alone or to be taken care of?
– Preferably I like to be checked on, but I’d rather be alone so that I can sleep and recuperate at my own pace.

How difficult or cooperative are you as a patient?
– I’m pretty cooperative, I don’t like to be a diva. If I didn’t have a grip on myself, I would apologize for not healing faster.

It’s just a really bad cold so all you can do is ride it out. What are your strategies?
– A day or two off from work, lots of Coricidin D, orange juice and tea, and lounging on the couch while watching TV. Sometimes I feel even better if I change from my PJs to my regular clothes and take a hot shower if I’m feeling motivated enough during that time. The last time I got the flu and started to feel better, I was struck by a sudden need to clean the apartment. It felt great!

How ill do you have to feel in order to shut it down for the day?
– Very ill, and the last time I felt that way I actually left work early. That just doesn’t happen.

Waves of nausea are washing over you and through you. Do you fight them off, or do you just throw up to get it over with?
– I try to fight them off, but if that’s not possible I like to have a bucket nearby. This is such charming conversation, isn’t it? :P


6 thoughts on “Down with the Sickness

  1. Silver: Hibernating is good. Still, I really need to get my flu shot before something gets me!

    Laura B: Yeah, it makes me a little queasy to think of being so ill. I don’t mind being a recluse sometimes, but I’d rather be feeling good.

    Churlita: It’s a terrible thing, I try to avoid it as much as possible.

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