Photos and Whatnot!

Updates! Not much going on, but I’ll update you on my life.

Skittles had her dental surgery on Thursday. They had to remove three teeth and got rid of the infection she had in her mouth. They gave me some pills that I could just slip into some food or “just pop in her mouth”. Skittles had to be chased down for the liquid meds I had to give her, so I doubted she would let me put a pill in her mouth. Thankfully the surgery went very well and she will accept wet food if it’s served in her food bowl in her own home. I’ve been able to put the meds in her wet food. Whew! Although I’m still worried about her, she seems to be doing much better. Thank you for all of your comments and good wishes!

Our campus is getting renovated, it’s very interesting to observe most of the time. Before the renovation, I could look through the glass doors nearby and see my coworkers. When they started to knock down walls and stuff, they put a wall up to block the glass doors from cracking, so I couldn’t see any progress. Last week they took the wall down. It was glorious. We’re still in the Autumn season (Yeah, I’m talking to you, Winter), the sun was out, so when the shield was taken down, I got an eyefull of sunshine and Fall foliage through the windows. It was pretty awesome.

Here are some renovation photos. I will post some post-renovation photos too, once we’re set up for that process:

Pretty Bathroom Wall Tile

Large, Blank Canvass

Windows, a Jug of Fruit Punch and a Vaccuum

During all of this, we’re also doing a food and supply donation thing at the office. Whoever donates either five dollars or five non-perishable goods gets to wear jeans that Friday. We’re a simple folk at the office, all our campus director had to mention was “jeans on Friday” and we were happy to pitch in. Onto the point. I announced the week before to my friend/coworker and to two other people that “Mr. M. finally dropped off his cans!” Three of us caught the joke as soon as I said it, one didn’t. That’s the one I laughed about for the rest of that week, because of his blank expression. We of course thought of cans as breasts, and that our male instructor dropped off his cans. We referenced “cans” for the rest of that week and into the next week.

Oh! We were able to dress up for Halloween a few days before the holiday. A handful of us took advantage of it, but next time I’m going to be more creative since I’m up at the front desk. Gotta represent, you know? Anyway, I waved my geeky “Twilight” flag and dressed up as a member of the Volturi (introduced in “New Moon”). I had to correct people when they saw my black, hooded cape and assumed I was a witch. No, I’m a vampire! Duh! Anyway, here are some more photos:

Red, contact lenses are expensive to only use for one day. I relied on camera-induced “red eye”. Much cheaper. No fangs, either. They weren’t visible in the movie versions, either.

Here’s a crazed football fan. I took one look at her and wished I had bought those red contacts. She looked so cool.

This coworker dressed up as the character from the “Progressive Insurance” commercials. I loved her costume, and she looked so much like the “Progressive” girl.

So that’s about it for now! Thanksgiving will be here soon, and I think we’re having it over at my brother’s place this time. Someone else cooking the din-din! Fabulous idea, even though I have to admit I did a pretty good job last year. Our mom was in the hospital with double pneumonia and I cooked the roast beast at Chez Tara. It was a bittersweet holiday. Please, no bad drama this time! Pretty please with sugar and cranberries on top?


7 thoughts on “Photos and Whatnot!

  1. That view out the window looks beautiful…and I think you look beautiful as a Volturi too! I tend towards the super simple with my own costumes, but love it when I see the flashier ones :-)

    Isn’t it amazing how circumstances change from year to year? I wish you and your family all the best for this holiday season.

  2. Silver: Yup, that’s her name! “DISCOUNT!” :)

    Laura B: Thank you! I felt like I should’ve worn fangs, but it’s very hard to answer the phone that way. :)

    It is amazing how things change each year! Last year was…um….complicated. :)

    Thank you so much, I wish you and your family all the best too! The rest of this year and right on into the next!

  3. Jeez, haven’t been here in a long time… sorry! But glad Skittles is better. Makes me realize I reallly should have Billy’s teeth cleaned again…but we’ll see. Glad you are still enjoying the job!

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