Writing Appreciation Day (Celebrate Writers and/or Writing)

Since NaNoWriMo started yesterday, we should appreciate our favorite writers and/or the art of writing. Here are a few writers who stand out for me:

– Judy Blume (“Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret” is my favorite book.)
– Harper Lee (“To Kill a Mockingbird”, of course!)
– James Patterson (“Kiss the Girls”, “Along Came a Spider”, “Roses are Red”, etc.)
– Michael Norman (“Haunted Heartland” and “Haunted America” to name a few. Plus, he signed a book for me!)
– Stephanie Meyer (The “Twilight” Series)

Those are just a few, but you have a basic idea! Now it’s your turn, if you want to share!


7 thoughts on “Writing Appreciation Day (Celebrate Writers and/or Writing)

  1. My dad usually doesn’t enjoy reading, but for the past two years or so he’s been trying to learn to enjoy it (I think its an effort to “bond” with me). I introduced him to James Patterson about a year ago, and since then he definitely started to understand why I enjoy reading so much. I’m not a huge fan of J.P. but hey, if he gets my dad reading he’s pretty awesome in my book.

    As for Judy Blume, LOVE her. I want to reread her books now, And Harper Lee, genius. Pure genius.

  2. I would love to be a writer, but don’t seem to have the drive to create. I am a reader, though. An appreciater of the writers! Some of my favs are Haruki Murakami, Jane Hamilton, Anne Tyler, Steve Martin, and David Sedaris. I could go on fairly endlessly :-)

  3. I would love to be a successful author, one who could just write what he wanted and be well paid for my output. Doesn’t happen in the real world of course. I enjoy many writers, William Boyd, Tom Clancy, Ian Fleming, Raymond Chandler, JR Tolkien and on and on.

  4. Silver: That’s how I started to appreciate reading again! I was buying a James Patterson book for my mom, and while in line at the store I started reading the book. I was hooked!

    Laura B: I’ve never ready anything from Steve Martin, although I’m sure some of the movies he’s been in has been written by him!

    FW: My mom used to be a big fan of Tom Clancy and Michael Creighton. She just finished the Steig Larssen series, “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

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