November 2010!

Hey everyone! Happy belated Halloween and welcome to November! Thank you again for the ideas, they’re always helpful. It was a challenge for me to think up holidays this time, but the November list is finally finished! Thanks again!

1. Make a List of Everything You’re Thankful for Today
2. Writing Appreciation Day (Celebrate Writers and/or Writing)
3. Pilgrims & Indians Day (Get to Know Someone You Never Thought You Could Relate To Today)
4. Wear a Fake Moustache Day (In Support of “Movember” – “[R]aise awareness and funds for cancers that affect men.”
5. Diwali (The Hindu Festival of Lights)
6. Create an Awkward Awards Acceptance Speech (Sally Field’s Birthday – 1946)
7. Fall Back into a Pile of Leaves Day (Daylight Savings Time Ends)
8. Read a Good Book Today
9. Relax in a Public Place and People Watch Today (Share Any Oddities)
10. Do Something Different with Your Hair Today
11. Veteran’s Day
12. Watch a Movie Starring Anne Hathaway Today (Anne Hathaway’s Birthday – 1982)
13. Have Some Soup and a Sandwich Today
14. Start Your Christmas Wish List Today
15. Georgia O’Keefe Appreciation Day (Georgia O’Keefe’s Birthday – 1887)
16. Perform a Random Act of Kindness Today
17. Happy 8th Birthday, Gracie (3GirlKnight’s Eldest)!
18. Watch a Classic Disney Movie Today (Mickey and Minnie Mouse – Born 1928)
19. Tara’s Thanksgiving Vacation Starts Today at 4:30pm!
20. Change Your Voicemail/Answering Machine Message Today
21. Collect Spores, Molds and Fungus Today Like Egon (Harold Ramis’s Birthday – 1944)
22. Save a Turkey, Eat_______ (fill in the blank) Day!
23. Boris Karloff’s Birthday – 1887
24. Start Dreaming of a White Christmas Today – Christmas Eve is a Month Away!
25. Spend Quality Time with Your Family Today (Happy Thanksgiving!)
26. Spend Your Money Wisely Today (Black Friday – Day of Shopping)
27. Thanksgiving Leftovers Appreciation Day
28. Buy or Make an Advent Calendar Today (First Sunday of Advent)
29. Learn Something About the Doppler Effect Today (Christian Doppler’s Birthday – 1803)
30. Watch Movie or TV Show Outtakes/Bloopers (Dick Clark’s Birthday – 1929)

A Slice o’Pie


6 thoughts on “November 2010!

  1. A great selection there, Tara! I’m particularly liking the 2nd, the 4th, the 8th and the 16th.

    Sparky Ma has already instructed me to begin work on the events of the 14th!

  2. Churlita: I’m looking forward to it! Your anniversary is exciting, too!

    Laura B: I think this month will be the start of people taking chunks of vacation time at work here, too. Next month, especially!

    Tim: Thank you! A few of my brothers usually ask me to make a wish list during times I have drawn a complete blank on what I want. Then when I do realize what I want, they’ve already bought me something. Thankfully they know me well. :)

  3. Fantastic holidays, Tara!

    I’m looking forward to trying out the 9th, Relax in a Public Place and People Watch Today (Share Any Oddities).

    I’m thinking the park or the beach if the weather holds out nicely. If not, it’s going to be the mall or under the cover of a seaside cafe along the pier.

    There certainly are a lot of fun things to try this month! Happy vacation!

  4. Eros: Hi! Thank you! I love the idea of people watching at a seaside cafe. I might have to settle for sitting by a pond or lake, though. The malls are magets for oddities, though, that’s a great idea!

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