November Ideas – I Needz Em, Pleez!

Hey everyone! If you have any holiday ideas or birthdays to celebrate next month, please share! I will put them on the November list o’eclectic holidays. Thank you, kindly!

I found Mr. Reaper here when my mom and I went to a pancake breakfast down in the Metroparks. Don’t worry, he was only there to support the haunted trail they had set up this month. Here he is being all supportive and stuff.


6 thoughts on “November Ideas – I Needz Em, Pleez!

  1. I remember going to a Halloween party years ago (I was in 8th grade!). I was dressed as Kurt Cobain and this guy dressed as the grim reaper seriously stalked me. At one point he came over to me, grabbed my Kurt Cobain teeshirt and stretched it out so he could get a close look at it. Creepy.

  2. Since November is NaNoWriMo maybe we should have a day celebrating writers / writing?

    Pilgrims & Indians Day – make friends with someone you never thought you could relate to :-)

    Save a Turkey, Eat_______ (fill in the blank) Day!

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