Ahh, Siblings

Hey! Here’s a new post! Par-tay!

One of my brothers, the one that lives in the same state, is “mad” at me. At first I heard it second hand from my mom. The problem is that I haven’t shown him my new car yet. Yeah, that’s the big drama. When I told him on the phone that I finally got a new car, I said that he’d be able to see it. I didn’t say “right now”, didn’t say “a week from now” or anything definite. He’ll see it when he sees it. Well apparently he wanted me to drive up to his place right that minute. My friend asked, “Um, was that in the lease agreement you signed? Did he help you pay for it?” Nope, he didn’t help me pay for it. Apparently, though, it was in the fine print that, once I got a new car, I was ordered by law to drop everything and go over to my brother’s place to show him the vehicle. I guess that’s a fail on my part! Oops.

He left a VM message for me yesterday just to pester me (you know, the usual chore for a sibling) and then said, “Oh by the way, I hate you because you still haven’t shown me the God-damned car.” Nice, right? How is that incentive for me to do anything for him? Did I miss the flattery in that line? Huh. Of course he doesn’t really hate me and he has a very….erm….interesting sense of humor. He’s just going to have to wait if he wants to see the new Hyundai.


9 thoughts on “Ahh, Siblings

  1. I think its rather sweet. My brother wouldn’t care if I had a new car/husband/house/additional child…. you get the idea. I’d hold out for his viewing for your pleasure only but I’d give in quite soon! Show off! hehe x

  2. Churlita: Ha, yeah sometimes it’s only in theory. Sometimes they make it more challenging.

    Tim: It is outrageous, isn’t it?!

    Laura B: Lol – that would be funny to just send him a picture. Hehe. Well as mom told him, “You know where she lives, check it out yourself!”

    3girlknight: That’s a wicked idea, I like it!

    NoR: My brothers are all faithful supporters of that clause.

    Daffy: Hehe. I need to give it a washing before he checks it out, or he’ll notice.

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