They Call Her “Velcro”

I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather here was perfect – sunny and not roasting.

I’ve been in a funk lately – been worried about my cat, but to an amount that probably isn’t necessary. We went into one vet clinic last week where we (Skittles and I) learned it would cost more than my rent to have a few of her teeth extracted. I’m not made of money, but I didn’t want my cat walking around with infected teeth. I checked out another pet hospital, and even though I’d have to take Skittles in for yet another checkup, the dental surgery and the initial appointment would be much more affordable.

They take walk-ins on Saturdays, so after Skittles and I came to an agreement (aka: after I closed off her favorite hiding place, chased her down and got her into the carrier while she acted and sounded like I was abusing her), we drove through some congested construction area and eventually arrived (after I passed the place a few times – the sign was hidden by a tree).

At first I wasn’t crazy about the staff. They seemed a bit huffy and cold. Once they had all the paperwork taken care of, and the records from the other clinic were in their hands, they seemed fine, though. The vet was very nice and seemed like she had experience with shy cats before. The vet tech nicknamed Skittles “Velcro” since Skittles digs into and sticks to any surface she can just so that people can’t pick her up without a struggle.

Anyway, yes, Skittles has to have some teeth removed. She’s scheduled for outpatient surgery on November 4th. This works out better because I will have another paycheck in by then. Until that time I need to chill out and stop worrying over every move or sound she makes.

7 thoughts on “They Call Her “Velcro”

  1. Oh, I understand…how can you not worry? As you know, everything will be fine, but of course you are concerned about your sweet little Skittles. I hope once she gets those infected teeth out, you will both feel better.

  2. Laura B: Yes, I’m hoping that the teeth getting removed will take away my worries and her discomfort. Otherwise, though, there’s nothing wrong with her appetite and she’s getting her 12 hours of beauty sleep. :)

    Manuel: Thank you! Hopefully she’ll be back to herself after they fix her teeth.

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