Digital Goodness

Here are some photos I took with my digital camera this past Sunday. I went for a long and much-needed nature walk, so I went on the Lake-to-Lake Trail again that ends at the playground where I hit the swings and get free therapy. The weather was perfect, and lots of people were out enjoying the same trail. My camera died on my way back home because the batteries were low, but I did manage to get some shots in on the way to the playground.


5 thoughts on “Digital Goodness

  1. Silver: We have lots of trails like this, but I tend to stick to the one closest to me.

    Churlita: I’m loving the weather, I wish it would stay like this through Winter.

    Laura B: Thank you! The Lake-to-Lake trail is perfect for a leisurely walk. I have to learn to take water with me, though!

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