Super-Terrific Choir Time

Last night was our first Chamber Choir rehearsal. It felt weird to be on the other side of the church, where the deeper voices sing during regular rehearsal. We practiced three songs; “Up on the Housetop” (a jazzy version, and more modern, too – “Oh bring me an iPhone with lots of apps, Google Earth with lots of maps…”), a catchy tune called “Bidi Bom” (that I still have stuck in my head) and a fast Christmas carole called “Caroling, Caroling”.

Anyway, the smaller choir is a lot like the bigger one. Practice doesn’t last as long, but he still takes the time to make sure we understand as much as possible in each song. I was able to sit next to my friend again, with the Cackler on her other side. The Cackler was very quiet tonight, but still managed to bring attention to a part of a song. A guy in front of me sighed and dropped his head in what looked to be exhaustion.

In our regular choir, we’re singing a song from the movie “The Polar Express”, and while going through the song last night, it almost made me cry. It starts out talking about children dreaming and how, as we become adults, we lose the ability to dream the same way – but if we open our hearts and start to believe again, we can bring it all back. It has a very dreamy sound to it.

Anyway, so that’s what’s going on in choir so far! Lots of good songs.


4 thoughts on “Super-Terrific Choir Time

  1. Both choir practices sound amazing! I’m really glad that y’all go for the new songs and not just the old standards. It means y’all got talent and are fun, the kind of choir that everyone loves to hear.

  2. haha! I love the description of the guy reacting to The Cackler :-)

    It must be fun getting to learn even more songs. If it is what I’m thinking of Bidi Bom is very easy to get stuck in your head…

  3. Eros: Thank you! Lots of fun songs this time. We always get a great turnout for our concerts. I’m excited about the one we’ll be having in December.

    Laura B: We only have three songs for Chamber so far. Unless he adds on a few others, it’ll be easy to learn the ones we have by the time we have our concert!

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