October 2010 is Here!

1. Make a Scarecrow Day
2. Watch a Movie Sitting on the Floor Today
3. Janet Leigh Appreciation Day
4. Sandwich Monday (try a new, exciting sandwich and blog about it)
5. Move on to Something Completely Different (Monty Python’s Flying Circus debuts, 1969)
6. Visit Your Local Library Today – ALA (American Library Association) was founded this day in 1876
7. Edgar Allen Poe Appreciation Day
8. Secret Agent Man’s 24th Birthday
9. Discuss Your Favorite Halloween Candy Today
10. Fall Foliage Appreciation Day
11. Thanksgiving Day for Canada
12. Let Your Mind Go Blank Today
13. You Can Call Me ‘Al’ Today (Paul Simon’s Birthday – 1941)
14. Eat or Drink Something with Honey Today (“Winnie-the-Pooh”, by A. A. Milne, is published in 1926)
15. Hand Sanitizer Appreciation Day
16. Open a Dictionary, Close Your Eyes, Point to a Word and Blog About it Today (Noah Webster, the Father of the Modern Dictionary, was Born this Day in 1758)
17. “Lose Yourself” Today (“in the moment, you own it, you better never let it go”) – Eminem’s Birthday (1972)
18. Alaska Day (Happy Birthday, Alaska!)
19. Remind Someone of a Random Thing Today
20. Watch a Movie Starring Viggo Mortensen (Born this Day in 1958)
21. Wear Your Hair Up in Buns Today (Carrie Fisher’s Birthday – 1956)
22. Come Back Down to Earth Today (Apollo 7 Returns to Earth – 1968)
23. 1st Jewish Prayer Books Printed in the U.S. – 1760
24. Make a List of Halloween Costume Ideas for Yourself
25. Five Months Until Tara Turns 37! Woo hoo!….Day
26. Eat Your Vegetables Today
27. “Dead Like Me” Appreciation Day (Celebrate the Former TV Series if You were a Fan)
28. Watch “Sleepy Hollow” with the Lights Off Today
29. Carve a Pumpkin Day
30. Tell a Spooky Story Day

Hey everyone! Here is the October 2010 list of eclectic holidays! Thank you, Laura B., for the ideas! They’re all in there, including the first holiday, “Make a Scarecrow Day”! I made one via Microsoft Paint.



10 thoughts on “October 2010 is Here!

  1. CyberPete: Thank you! I hope October is a great month for everyone!
    I hope to post something on the 16th too. I’m glad I didn’t give away my dictionary!

    Tim: You could always tape or glue the bakery buns to your ears to honor the holiday, but that would probably be a bit much.

    Cyber: :D

    Laura: Thanks! I hope to enjoy this month, and hopefully celebrate more of the holidays than I did last month.

    Dmarks: I hope you do, but either way keep on visiting! :)

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