Coworker Appreciaton Day (and Other Stuff)

It was actually nice to return to work today. I was filled in on all the stories I missed while I was out, and my coworker and I could catch up with each other on “Seinfeld” quotes we had been storing up.

A few other coworkers noticed my absence, too. I like being missed. It makes me feel important at the work place. I know I am important there, but it’s nice to be reminded from time to time.

Well today was a big day for us. Our department managers and our campus director gathered together with our district manager and our company’s C.E.O. for an operations review. We don’t normally have our C.E.O. join us, so this was a bigger event than usual. I had only seen the guy during staff webinars, where he would give us a recorded message while sitting on his desk. I had never seen the guy in person. He and our district manager arrived this afternoon, and the C.E.O. actually introduced himself to me and we shook hands. Usually we kind of have to guess who people are just by their corporate-type presence. It left me feeling all giddy. I only saw him two more times after that first encounter; first to point him in the right direction of the restrooms and second to just say hello while he was walking through the lobby. After that, they all went into a room for their meeting, and a half hour later I was able to go home. I hope everything went well. I’m sure it did.

Then I was able to FINALLY go to choir and register for a new season. My new car was all trustworthy and stuff. We’re singing songs from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, a really pretty, unusual Irish song, some seemingly standard Christmas songs and also “I want a Hippopatomus for Christmas”. We’re singing more, but those are a good start. The Cackler was there, but I was able to sit in back of her and next to a friend of mine. Between two of my friends, actually. The Cackler had a cast on her arm due to a car accident. We caught up on her accident, and I was eager to tell my friend that I finally read the “Twilight” series. She had read all of the books, so it was fun to discuss them before choir started. I hope I find more books that interest me as much as those did.

Anyway, that’s that for today! Oh and buried in this post was a celebration of today’s holiday, “Coworker Appreciation Day”. I appreciated all of the coworkers I missed during my week off.


7 thoughts on “Coworker Appreciaton Day (and Other Stuff)

  1. So glad you felt appreciated upon your return! That is a great way to celebrate Co-Worker Appreciation Day.

    It is always sort of weird to actually meet the highest up in the organization. I guess here it is the City Manager. Can’t say I feel that comfortable the times I’ve run into him at city events…so Don, how’s that hot dog treating you? Want me to grab you another Diet Coke? haha!

    Your choir songs sound great! I’m looking forward to more choir stories as the season goes on :-) Also glad you have a bitchin’ car to get you there!

  2. Eros: I’m happy I get to sit with my friends, too. I was able to sit to one friend last time, but the Cackler was either too close or right in back of me. Nice girl, just….loud.

    Laura B: Diet Coke with another hotdog? Lol. That’ll even things out for him! I sat next to our state auditor at a Christmas party once year. He became less obnoxious the more wine I drank.

    KenV: It does! I’m glad you appreciate your assistant! If the appreciation is there on both sides and you work together, it can make your jobs so much easier.

    Tim: I’m hoping we have the same drummer we did last year. He would add a nice touch to those songs, especially “Christmas Time is Here”. Once we have the concert, we should be able to get the CDs soon after!

    Churlita: I’m usually pretty excited about the songs they pick out for us to sing. This concert will be fun.

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