To Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street!

I headed home for lunch today, and as I headed down the apartment hallway I saw chunks of carpeting outside my door and a big metal toolbox. Maintenance decided that today would be the day to tear up my floor. I was supposed to get a letter beforehand to tell me to clear out cupboards and stuff. No letter! I did get a voicemail from the leasing office warning me they’d be there. The voicemail, though, was left at 9am in the morning, long after I had left for work. Hm. Anyway, I stepped into my apartment and everything was in disarray. They really did tear up the floor, there was a trench in there. They also took apart my sink and my connecting cabinets and put them in my livingroom. Skittles was safe in her cocoon underneath my bed. She came out to greet me as soon as she knew I wasn’t a stranger or a loud jackhammer. I made sure she had food, and then I decided I would go out to get something to eat.

I headed into the next town to McDonald’s, but just as I was about to cross the intersection, a police car stopped in the middle and stopped traffic. Our President is in town! Duh, I forgot he’d be in the area at that exact time. I couldn’t go forward, couldn’t go back or turn right onto the nearest street. So I called the office, told them I might be late and then I turned my car off and waited. One guy got out of his car and marched up to one of the police officers:

Guy: How much longer?
Very Patient Police Officer: (Shrugging) I have no idea, we’re on his schedule now!
Guy: Well, no shit!

It wasn’t long before we heard some loud motors roaring up the nearby street, and then we saw the band of motorcycles. A few minutes later we saw more police cars and then I saw a black car that I believed to contain President Obama. I waved kind of sheepishly at the tinted windows, hoping he was in that particular car. A few more cars and vans followed and then it was all over. The police car that controlled traffic disappeared in an instant, and lunch traffic was able to proceed.

It’s usually around those times I wish I had a camera on my cellphone. Dang it! Oh well, it was still a very exciting experience! Like going to a parade, but even more patriotic!


7 thoughts on “To Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street!

  1. How disconcerting to go home to that mess. On the plus side, though, your plumbing problem will be all gone!
    Sort of inconvient, but also sort of cool that you and the President just happened to be in the same place at the same time! Years from now, please have him wave back at you in the story :-)

  2. Laura B: It was a little alarming to see my cabinets in my livingroom and cement dust all over the place that day. But they put everything back when they were done and even wiped off my stove and counters.

    Silver: I did manage to stop for lunch after the police left and we were free to return to regular traffic.

    Churlita: The only resting was done while I sat in the car waiting for the President. It was kind of exciting!

  3. Awesome! The closest I ever got to anything Presidential was in grade school, when Al Gore, then Vice President, made a quick stop in our town. The geniuses at the Dept of Education thought it would be great if we took a day off from classes to stand on the side of the road and wave as the VP went by. It was a hot day, and all we saw was were the motorcops and the limos as they passed by quickly. I’m not even sure which limo the VP was in. But hey, at least we got out of school early.

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