A Good Head Start into the Week!

So it’s Tuesday! Better than Monday, and closer to the next weekend! I kind of feel like I have a three-day week, though. I leave early on Thursday to get to our local rec center and set up for graduation. The day after graduation always feels quieter and is less hectic. I might even be able to leave early on Friday to make up for working overtime on Thursday.

Then I get to have an entire week off for vacation! I don’t have too many set plans right now, except my family and I might drive into a town by the lake to go to a gigantic flea market/antique show. Then on Monday, the first week day of my vacation, I see the dentist so that I can get my tooth guard fitted. I went last week to get the imprints set up, and that was a lovely experience. I love gagging in front of people while they put a mold filled with silly putty into my mouth. Good times! But hopefully that part is over and the mouth guard will cooperate. I need to be comfortable sleeping with that thing, so there had better not be any troubles.

Oh! Then that Monday night is the first night of choir rehearsal for the Winter concert! I might try out for the chamber choir this time, if he’s looking for more people. Now that I have a better work schedule, getting there early for the extra practice shouldn’t be too hectic. I’ve missed choir, I’m looking forward to finding out what songs we’ll be singing.

This past weekend was pretty relaxing except for one snag. Water in my kitchen sink backed up again while my mom was visiting. I called emergency maintenance, and they were there from about…3pm until 10pm. They went from the apartment hallway to my sink and then back again. The good news was that they were finally able to take care of the current sink problem. The bad news is that they’ll have to come back and tear up my floor sometime this week. There’s a bigger problem at hand, far beyond the use of a plunger. I will not be able to use my kitchen for a day. Whatever will I do for food? I guess I’ll just have to adapt. Oh w’oh is me.

Anyway, the rest of this weekend was used for small tasks and lots of playing on my fast computer. I discovered streaming radio through iTunes, too. I’m sure it was accessible to me with my old computer, but it wouldn’t have been as cooperative. I went from listening to comedy, to 80s songs and a little bit of 90s music. I loved it.

What did you do this weekend? Did you have a good time?


5 thoughts on “A Good Head Start into the Week!

  1. I worked Saturday and Sunday, so I honestly didn’t do much. I had off yesterday though and my friend and I went on an impromptu road trip (because I’m terrible with directions and traffic was p.o.ing me off). Then we headed to a spanish market near my house to pick up some food and went to a nearby park to eat and talk for a few hours. It was really nice.

  2. I am so envious of your upcoming vacation! Even those of us who like our work need to get away from time to time. And I’m really glad to hear that it is time for Choir to start up again. I know how much you enjoy it and you often have great stories about the people and little incidents that occur
    I had a really nice weekend, thank you for asking! It was a good combination of activitities and quiet time.

  3. It’s a good thing you have very responsive maintenance people. And I’m glad they’re fixing this problem now, rather than have it happen during freezing winter.

    I’m glad that new computer is working out and that you get out early this week and have a vacation coming up! Take a day trip to somewhere fun! And I’m glad to hear you all excited about your choir practices coming back up again. Hope you get to try out for chamber choir if they need more people.

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